Policy of Dreams

Dreams become ideas; ideas become goals; goals become projects and business plans; and they become strategies. 

The management of strategies requires policy. 

In this way we close a cycle and strongly believe that our policy is indeed the right policy. The policy of dreams.


Policy of Standards 

We adhere to the highest standards of all we do for you.

With no comment, no compromise, and no exceptions.

The highest standards, along with all the responsibilities, guarantee us security, comfort and freedom. And freedom is like bread. Bread is kneaded every day; it is baked every day and eaten every day. 

So the highest standards are our every day care and goal, like bread.


Policy of Responsibility

To face the society and to declare “We can!” is our strength and responsibility. 

The strength gives us energy to take responsibility for this statement. And fulfilled responsibility recharges us with strength and energy to move on. 

Yes, we – Tornado Fireworks – can!

We are not afraid to say we can!

We can make the best fireworks display for you

We can guarantee your safety

We can service you the best way

We can meet all your requirements

And can bravely declare: Yes, we can bear responsibility.