What determines the price of a professional pyrotechnic display?

The diameter of the mortars used /pyrotechnic cannons/ and,   respectively, of the launching charges. 

The number of shots. Single or in groups, parallel or sequential.

The types of pyrotechnic effects. Endless possibilities for combining and mixing. 

The duration is a determining factor and is usually determined by the assignment or the script of the show.

Saturation and intensity are closely related to the formation of the visual and aural picture .. 

The intensity of the shots is determined by the interval between two successive shots or the interval between two separate groups of shots. And also by the possibility to be produced at time parallel or consecutive shots.

Consumables associated with the preparation of the pyrotechnic show -electric igniters, fuses, wiring funds for fencing, fittings and equipment.

The place of deployment of the pyrotechnic devices - depending on whether the devices are placed on the roof, water or hard accessible mountain area the price is increased by 10%.

Government and administrative fees associated with the transportation and conducting the blasting operations

Transport costs. The transport of explosives must be carried out by specialized and registered in ADR van. The fare is determined by fuel prices at the time of signing the contract based on 10 liters per 100 km. expense. The kilometers in both directions are considered. An escort of armed guards is sometimes required, depending on the amount of the transported quantity of pyrotechnic articles. 

Other costs are labor costs, transportation and accommodation of the pyrotechnic team whenever it is necessary.