Confetti Party Poppers. Safety Instructions.


Take the confetti party popper in hand; point it towards a direction where there are no people and with a sudden movement pull the string.

Never use the device near people, animals, flammable objects or liquids.

If the device fails to work, utilize it with the household waste, after having soaked in water for 48 hours.

WARNING: Do not throw into fire; never disassemble the device; never use in conditions different than those set in the safety instructions; never use the device under the influence of alcohol or drugs; 

Keep in a cool, dry place, at a temperature below 30 C, away from heating appliances

Keep or transport devices in their original package.

Appropriate for people over the age of 5.

Complies with the European Union standards for safety.

For additional information, you can watch the video at section: Video Safety Instructions.

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