Planning and organization of fireworks show


In order to plan properly and with ease the organization of fireworks display for your celebration, it is necessary to keep in mind the following circumstances:
1. To schedule a date at least one month before the event. Technological time is needed for preparation of documents and permits.
2. To think of the location. At your discretion, is it possible that the the fireworks be placed at a safe distance from people and buildings.
3. To project a place for the display in the celebration script. For example - after a certain event of the scenario.
4. To get to know the prices of various companies.
5. To have a clear pricing framework contents of the offers
6. To plan a budget for this event.
7. To schedule a meeting with the company of your choice.


It is good to know what choices you have

In order to organize a fireworks show for your event, you have 3 options: 
1. Professional fireworks show with pyrotechnicians. Read more…
2. Fireworks show with consumer fireworks with pyrotechnicians. 
3. Fireworks show with consumer fireworks, conducted by you.