What does the service of the fireworks company include?

As a customer of Fireworks Tornado Ltd., you have at your disposal a set of services and procedures in the following sequence:
Presentation - sending a presentational package or an e-mail.
Meeting – at a convenient place for you. In our office, the address of the conduct or at your office.
View of the place – getting to know the venue and its surroundings and risk assessment. Getting to know the position of guests, audience.
Offer - preparing and submitting a tender following an assignment or your specific requirements.
Draft contract - after this follows review and approval by the sponsor. Opportunity to comment or correction
Assignment Contract – follows signing and billing an advance payment
Special blasting operations project - preparation and validation of the blasting operations project.
Documents for authorization - preparation and presentation before the different authorities, depositing state fees.
Getting a permit - issued by the Office of the Police Department after presenting perfect documentation.
Transporting of explosives - performed with  authorization documents and specialist ADR transport and security.
Explosive area - enclosure of a detached and secure blasting zone with provided clearances. Preparation and installation of pyrotechnic facilities.
Building an electro-blasting network - inspection and measurement.
Conduct of Blasting operations - literally conducting the fireworks show.
Utilizing the waste product.