Privacy Policy for Fireworks Tornado

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, the customer has the right to permanent access and repair of his or her personal data that he has filled in or has become available to Fireworks Tornado Ltd. using an e-shop.

By accepting these terms and conditions, customers who have registered a username and password explicitly agree that their personal data will be processed electronically by Fireworks Tornado Ltd. upon delivery of the ordered goods and if necessary by contacting a Fireworks Tornado Ltd. employee .

Fireworks Tornado Ltd. explicitly notifies that personal data provided by the customer is not passed on to third parties for advertising, promotional purposes or any other similar activity. The personal information that the customer provides to Fireworks Tornado Ltd. in order to obtain products offered by this site is under the protection of the Personal Data Protection Act.

After the registration, the client receives the user name (if not already used by a registered customer) and a password for access to all Fireworks Tornado Ltd. services.

In case the customer has lost his / her password, he / she may request a new one from Fireworks Tornado Ltd., which is obliged to send a new one to an e-mail specified by the customer.

Fireworks Tornado Ltd. is not responsible for any damages and losses that have arisen due to non-compliance with the provisions of this point.

Customer has no right to expose or send to or from this website any unlawful, abusive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or other information that is in violation of applicable laws. Fireworks Tornado Ltd. uses the information provided by the customer only to help with the ordering or execution of a transaction, maintain contact and inform the customer.

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